Tips to buy second homes

I would like to share experiences, such as saying "regret and no sense". Many people buy second homes, says sad. Cost incurred far more than originally estimated. Before you make the decision, buying second homes, following my experience when buying a house a few years ago

1. Check the location 
The location to be decided before the first choice, whether I should buy or not. 
Is location the flood?. The word "flood" a word which is very creepy. When the flood, we can automatically switch to another location option. 

Whether the road width in front of the house can pass the four-wheel drive vehicle?. This is important, other than the plan we will buy the car at the time of the next, the road width to be important factors for access to our house. Of course, the road width should be proportional and the minimum two-meter. If you choose less than two meters, so please only. 
Position T-intersection, hook or interior lot? This should depend on the buyer tastes. T-intersection is usually not too be like. 

The better the location, the higher add value also in the future. Moreover, if we plan to sell in the future.

2. Check the physical condition of the house 
At the time the house will be offered to us, once-tidy and looks good. Moreover, we would like to buy a property through the agent, usually in the house make-up in such a way .. Is it true that such a house? This requires accuracy. Usually, prospective buyers feel ashamed check, part of the house that is hidden. Moreover, we can be big money, and suddenly we have to buy a home because of urgent need.

Usually when the age of the building more than ten years requires additional cost in repairs. If such as roof repairs, improvements or plafond that are physically visible, it is already clear. We must consider before deciding to buy. What about the house that is not visible? Channels such as clean water, dirty water lines, installation of electricity. What is obsolete? This needs to be checked. Try to see how the bathroom, try and dispose of in water with volume more than the rights (such as a bucket). When the water flows smoothly in both the channel water and unclean water, so hopefully the good channel. Turn on the lights and ask whether the electrical power. Whether electrical power is in accordance with the standards you taste?

Check also the layout of rooms, living room, kitchen and stairs (if the two-floor) and do not forget to see the clothes horse, not until the season is closed in the room. 

This is the most important source of water (if PAM, so no problem). When the source of clean water from ground water using wells pump? Moreover, the position of ground water resources located in the kitchen, this can disrupt the next day, when water needs to be land.

3. Check the land certificate. 
If you do not want to check difficult through, please by professional services, such as a notary. 
Usually a certificate in home housing complex is still bound by the bank lender. So be careful. At the time of the transaction, who bear the costs such as notary fees, services, sales agent, taxes, land and buildings that have not been paid in (this can create a long process transactions). 

4. Ask for the price of the house is reasonable, from a professional in the field, such as a valuer/appraisal. 

5. If you already throw in the option, while doing research on the house, try Down payment may be small, so you can avoid further losses. Transactions do better in the Bank or in front of the Notary.

With happy, if you want to add, Hopefully useful