The crisis has not passed, Be careful of Investment

I get miscall on the phone, I try to phone back and found that he was a friend during students first. Short story, we meet a promise in a cafĂ© on the corner of the city. At the beginning, we told about the past, remembering the struggle of the beautiful and the campus. Until the problem family, my friends seen sluggish. I feel, what is going on with family friends this? 

My friend with a face haggard and sigh heavily, as he told the following: 
About five years ago, every month, I save Rp. 1 million - s / d 2 and already collected Rp. 100 million. The first Plan, the results of these savings, to buy a house. Once the time arrived, he was with the family decided to purchase a new House is ready stock from developers. This new home price of Rp. 300 million, meaning that as much as Rp. 200 million more will be through one of our bank loan facilities consumer. 

He and his family are very happy, the first goal they realized. They seem very happy. 

But what happens a year later? I experience this termination of employment at the company he worked. During the stay does not work, he has been working hard looking for permanent income and is successful. But the house instalment of Rp. 2 million per month can not be fulfilled. Several times he was calling the bank to settle instalment.

That story, ideals successfully but temporarily. 

Friend from the story we take this conclusion:
  •  That the financial crisis, is being experienced by many families and has not been passed. 
    We need to be careful investing first, does not need to spend all our savings 
  • We need to ask the opinions of close family and other things (like opinion professional) before deciding which investment 
  • Need to delay home with Down payment of Rp. 100 million, consider that Rp. 50 million. The story certainly is different. Be careful to invest first.