Key point to get property value

Property is a legal concept that includes the interests, rights and benefits associated with ownership of and as defined in accordance with the valuation standard.

Valuation is the economic concept of property is made for various reasons, among others, who are classified as follows: financial report, transactions that resulted in the transition of ownership, loans, and guarantee the rights guaranteed to the property, litigation, taxation and consulting or investment decisions.

Valuer is the officer designated by the Company (e.g.: xxx), to make the process of data identification, inspection, analysis and evaluation to assess the results obtained.

Quality control officers are officers who ensure the quality of the data, and reports in accordance with the Valuation has set the standard. Quality control officer Independent of the Valuation process, in accordance with the provisions of standard operational procedures on quality control of the assignment.

Value is an economic concept that refers to the price which is very possible and agreed by the buyer from a seller of goods or services that are available for purchase. Market Value as defined in the valuation standard, like IVS or IVRS

The Company (e.g.: xxx) implement a property assessment process in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the Standard Valuation , the documents related to the Collection object assessment, field inspection, Data collection, data analysis and calculations, The draft, discussion and evaluation with the Manager of the assessment results, discussion and evaluation results of the assessment with the Technical Director or a certified evaluator, Final Reports, Signature by the Director of the Licensed Valuer

Valuation destination on the property made to the various considerations, including the following categories: financial report, the transfer of rights act law (juridical control), the Agreement and issuance of debt receivables rights be dependent on the property as collateral satisfaction of debt, claim control over property, tax issues, consultancy or investment decisions.

Terms Organization
Directors / employees responsible for the operational implementation of any instructions or contract that is agreed between the Client and The Company (e.g.: xxx) to work assessment.

Valuer perform the work based on written instructions from the Director of Engineering through the process after the Acceptance or Rejection Client and Quality Control of the assignment.

In the case of work instructions given verbally by the Director of Engineering, the Manager or the evaluator must make a confirmation by phone or other means of communication and record in the Quality Control of the media assignment.

Valuer, Quality Control Officers and Directors shall ensure that each product is produced (in the form of reports, and other analysis) were re-examined to ensure no errors in the basic assumptions, the data and analysis on the data, and calculations. They must keep the quality and standards that apply to each assessment process to comply with standards applicable. Be based on the Valuer and specialist expertise of the staff concerned. Technical Director and Manager Functions as a working manager and the manager of human resources. Technical Director and Manager to monitor the work progress and evaluate the results of any work prior to submission to the Board of Directors. Valuer and supporting activities include: inspection, database, document storage, production

Inspection, consists of officers who have been appointed to conduct the visits to the field (site visit), data collection and interviews with the client. Valuer must take a number of techniques of data and interviews for data collection. Inspections conducted so far needed to produce an assessment in accordance with the professional goals.

Database is a collection of data obtained from the results documented in the collection in a storage medium, which is managed by the EDP. Document storage: storage of documents consists of officers who are appointed to manage the storage of documents that are part of the process, or the form of a final report.

Document storage is responsible in the preparation (filing) document based on the assessment reports that have been previously determined at the beginning of the process. Classification of the document is set on The Quality Policy and Ethics. Document storage is responsible for regulating and limiting the user documents, internal documents especially the Company (e.g.: xxx). Each end of the year, the official document storage is responsible for the conduct of the evaluation documents that are stored and can make recommendations to the destruction of documents is not used anymore.

Production: Production consists of officers who have been appointed to conduct the end of the assessment process and work is becoming one of the assessors, ie, printing reports. Production should be making a report based on work order, a job deadline or priority clients. Production processes must edit on the language and editing the report.

Individual Competence: Individuals who have worked as an evaluator competency requirements include: Ability to perform planning and analysis capability on every job. Ability to conduct data collection either primary or secondary.
Including in terms of each individual's ability to: Collecting data, both primary and secondary data. The data, as efforts for the selection of data obtained. Data analysis, which requires analytical ability and capable of preparing the premises, trend, or allegations based on the collection of data. Reporting requires the ability to represent data in the form of reports, recommendations, or even analysis that can be understood by everyone, especially clients. Distribution of reporting, the ability to communicate the report, recommendations and analysis based on the work produced has been determined that

Conflict of interest
Each marker represents compulsory the Company (e.g.: xxx) in each process data and information from the client. Each evaluator must maintain its independence of the client and do not have a conflict of interest in the implementation of each work. Each evaluator must put the interests of the Company (e.g.: xxx) with fixed opinions and give opinions that are objective, measurable and accountable. Assessors should avoid situations where there's conflict of interest and the client. Form of conflict of interest between the interests of another client without considering the aspects objectivities, provide a value that does not comply with the requirements of third parties (banks and others), to receive rewards and other reports so that the Company (e.g.: xxx) does not comply with the standards set by the assessment standards that apply. About conflict of interest provisions set forth in this SOP for the independence of the valuer and valuation standards.

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