Prospect of investment hotel in Bandung

Conditions conducive enough security and economic growth began to improve after the prolonged economic crisis that Indonesia bring the influence of the tourism sector. There is a policy the government dismiss the employee at the time of time-specific, which makes longer holidays also meant to encourage the tourism sector. Bandung nowadays is one of the city with a relatively rapid progress of industry and trade, and at this time and is quite easy to reach from Jakarta, and is one of the city a very interesting place to shop, in addition to the Toll Road have been easier to reach the city of Bandung. Bandung City is located in the west Java region and is the Capital Regional Level I West Java. Location Bandung City is viewed in terms of strategic geography, communication, economy and security. Things that affect the existence of the city, among others: the city of Bandung is located on the axis road of West-East relationship with the ease Jakarta. North- South traffic to ease the area of plantation and Subang-Pangalengan. That is not isolated location with good communication. The topography is located in the city of Bandung average altitude of 791 meters (under the sea surface), the highest point in the north with an altitude of 1.050 m and lowest on the south side of 675 meters (under the sea surface). With the condition that adequate security support, to progress trade and industry which is quite rapid at this time showed investment interest in the region this well enough.

The average level of occupancy rate Hotel (3, 4 and 5) star along the I quarter 2006 this year as a whole increased by 9.41%. Residential Hotel Star Level 5 increased by 4.87% to 51.29%. Residential Hotel Star Level 4 increased by 8.51% from 63.15% to 68, 63%. 3 Star Hotel and to increase high enough compared to the 4-star hotel and 5. Level 3 Star Hotel Residential an increase of 14.86%, from 63.53% to 72.97%.
Compared with the previous quarter price to rent an average 5-star hotel in Rupiah only a change of 0.33%. The decline in the price to rent a room there on the 5-star hotel is down 0.64% from the previous rental price of Rp. To be equal to Rp 686,953. 682,553.
While the hotel and 4 stars 3 stars, average rent prices (Average Room Rate) is increased. Price to rent an average of 4 stars hotel rose 0.19% to Rp. 363431. Price and rent average 3 star hotels increased 1.45% from Rp. To be equal to Rp 254,203. 257,895.
The hotel business is influenced by political and security issued the hospitality business will have a prospect that brisk, but if the political and security are not conducive, then the impact on business will be exposed to electrical current hospitality.
Business Hotel Indonesia experienced tidal, but the business sector is still in the resilience of the economic crisis that the countries of Indonesia and other developing countries. Macro conditions that influence the security sector such as the bombardment at various places, sweeping action by the various mass organizations, even-even demos of high frequency
Bandung is one of the city's tourist destinations in Indonesia. A very strategic location with a distance of approximately 2 hours from the city of Jakarta, with the air cool and popular with the fashion centre, is one of the charms of the city of Bandung. Supported by the facilities - sufficient facilities such as hotels, hotel stars begin one (1) star hotel with up to five (5) made the city one of the city is eligible to visit.

Provision of hospitality and lodging facilities in the city of Bandung is very diverse in all areas of Bandung Municipality class lodging (jasmine) to the 5-star hotel. Based on data from the Tourism Office of Jakarta, the distribution of hotels in Bandung Municipality as follows: Number of star hotels in the region amounted to 44 Kodya Bandung-star hotel, and most of the 3-star hotel with 16 units and the number of hotels with the amount of 2 units of 14.Kodya scattered in the area of Bandung. In this region Kodya Bandung most built jasmine star hotel, with the number of the hotel as the hotel's 161 divided into jasmine hotel 3 stars hotel of 54 units, jasmine hotel 2 stars hotel of 50 units and 1 star jasmine hotel of 57 units of the hotel. 60 among the hotel is located in the area Cibeunying and 47 unit hotel is located in the area Bojonegara. Thus, Prospect of investment in hotel Bandung is very promising in the future

Following some of the hotel which is known visitor in the city Bandung:
Hotel Horison / ****, Pelajar Pejuang 45 street No. 121, Phone +6227305000
Hotel Grand Preanger / *****, Asia Afrika streetNo. 81/41, Phone +6224231631
Hotel Savoy Homan / ****, Asia Afrika street No. 112, Phone +622423224
Hotel Papandayan / ****, Gatot Subroto street No. 83, Phone +6227310799
Hotel Grand Aquila / *****, Dr. Junjunan street No. 116, Phone +6222039280
Hotel Panghegar / ***, Merdeka street No. 2 , Phone +6224232286
Hotel Kedaton / ***, Suniaraja street No. 14, Phone +6224219898
Hotel Topas Galeria / ***, Dr. Junjunan street No. 153, Phone +6226042631
Hotel Istana / ***, Lembong street No. 44, Phone +6224232286
Hotel Royal Palace / **, Lembong treet No. 21, Phone +6224208373
Hotel Naripan / **, Naripan street No. 31-33, Phone +622. 0224204167
Hotel Anggrek / **, RE. Martadinata street No. 15, Phone +6224205537