Jakarta City Center (JaCC) as the biggest wholesale center

To find out the condition of competitors in the vicinity of the project Tanah Abang Market Block-BB, D, C and E, the following description will be given the competition from shopping centers located around the location of the Tanah Abang market.

Tanah Abang Market Block-BA

Tanah Abang Market Block-BA located din Jalan Mas Mansyur, Tanah Abang District, Central Jakarta. Currently, Tanah Abang Market Block-BA is one of the market with the latest condition of the building blocks of the other events after the fire. After re-development, Blok A market that started operation since 1 July 2005 has changed in terms of the concept of the building, this is clearly visible in terms of interior architecture and new building is built.

Facilities that now have the addition, facilities such as worship, Bank, ATM, security system, the loading and unloading and packaging, goods and passenger lifts, escalator unit 143 which support the activities of visitors and one for floor food court which all aim to increase the comfort and security for visitors who come to shop. The kiosk was built and 8000 + stall.

In terms of products offered, Block A has a similarity in terms of the products that are sold with the product sold in blocks B, D, C and E. This is because the environment of the Tanah Abang Market segment’s on commodities such as textiles, clothing and so convection, so that it can be ascertained that the A block is one of the nearest competitor's Blocks B, D, C and E later.

Metro Tanah Abang

The location of the shopping center Metro Tanah Abang is located in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta. Place shopping center has a strata title status (selling) for the ownership and located near the Tanah Abang market, because it is only 30 m + complex with the Tanah Abang Market Block-BB, D, C and E. Access in terms of traffic, Metro Tanah Abang have roads that can still go through Jalan Wahid Hasyim, a different market compared to the Tanah Abang Blok A and the new. The achievement of visitors and circulation in the Metro is quite convenient and easy with a fairly complete. Type of kiosks that sold in the Metro is very diverse, consisting of area 3 m2, 4 m2, 6 m2, 8 m2 and 9 m2.

Metro Tanah Abang ensure that competitors can be tight for the Tanah Abang market, this is because the segmentation of this type of goods sold have similarities, such as textiles, ready-made, women's clothing, children, teenagers, etc. Jakarta City Center (JaCC) as the biggest wholesale center

Jakarta City Center (JaCC) as the biggest wholesale center

Jakarta City Center Located on Jalan Kebon Kacang is a wholesale center in Southeast Asia. So three-quarter money market Tanah Abang, Jakarta City Center berkaliber International. In addition JaCC have other advantages, namely, not merely the center of textile and garment wholesale, JaCC also contains a number of other products: products made of leather, watches, glasses, electronics, cellular phones, and drugs. In addition, JaCC is a modern business area, other than the trade center, modern, complex JaCC also filled in by office buildings, apartments, central and SME (small medium business) integrated business that is located in the heart of capital.

JaCC total area is 13, 6 hectares. Area trade center building for approximately 550,000 square meters, has seven floors with a total number of kiosks is 8000 units.

Tanah Abang area since a long time known as the trade center, is a change in line with City project (JaCC). JaCC designed as a modern business area consists of HPI centers, wholesale centers, office buildings and apartment development which is done in stages over the area 13.6 (ha). JaCC is intended to be one of the solutions of the Tanah Abang. As a multifunctional area that already has an international reputation, as this area already has a central wholesale garment and textile largest and most complete.

With a strategic location on Jalan Kebon Kacang, which is one of intravenously trade center area of Tanah Abang, wholesale center for textile products, garment accessories, and other accessibility features that are easy to reach. Means of transportation for the JaCC also very easy, because the developers provide shuttle bus back alik from Tanah Abang Market JaCC to the location comfortable for the visitors who come to City Center. Also be JaCC Trans Jakarta bus way and the train line Monorrail.

JaCC equipped with self-contained facilities, such as exhibition hall that is able to accommodate approximately 5000 people, 100 unit facility, escalator units and 2 express escalator connecting two floors at a time, a lot also eight container yard for loading and unloading of goods. JaCC this unit is equipped with 16 passengers and 8 Lift the unit lift service, and security from the danger of fire, each floor JaCC equipped with sprinkler, fire hydrant and fire shutter, Jakarta City Center is the only center that features multi drop off from the floor basis up to three floors. Land for parking at each floor with a capacity of 7.000 car parking.