Performance Evaluation in Valuation Property

This article is a follow Key point to get property value, Plan visits to direct visit, please read on and become one unit. In order to obtain an independent assessment
Each process must work through a process of discussion and argument is clear and documented. Each end of the form value (value) must involve at least two (2) people who do the discussion on this, the Valuer and the Manager. Each Valuer based on the work and the fact that the data obtained based on the work process and the standard approach. Valuation can not use its empirical experience as a reference standard, but only based on the findings of the data and discussions with the Manager. Valuer to manage the data that are qualitative and quantitative. Nature of the data include: Quantitative data, ie data are real is obtained directly from the source or the first direct view conditions in the field. Qualitative data, ie data in the form of situation analysis or recommendations will actual conditions that are sometimes subjective, opinions or ideas will be used carefully in the process of working as Any reference.
Valuation have a standard object of the votes and the assessment approach. Valuer has to formulate the analytical aspects of the direct with the object to the assessment of the value of a number and the full report. Interpersonal Valuation have the capacity, ie, the ability to build good relationships with other people in a short time and make the data and interviews with the right. Valuation had to follow the assessment of basic education held by the professional associations related to the minimum qualifications set.
Working Group
Each assessment work can be done by at least one marker or more (according to weight and type of work).

The Internal Relations
Each Valuer must document each of the instructions, notes or meetings on internal and with clients or other parties.
Documentation is a tool in the search back to the data or evaluation.
Documentation compiled based on the sequence of events (sequence) and distributed after the note by the Director of Engineering.

Diversion Conditions
In the case of the Director of Engineering to receive the assessment tasks outside the agreed standard, the task can still be carried out with the requirements as follows:
Valuation must be confident that the task does not have any indication or tendency to mislead the needs with that assessment, or the general public
Valuation should be our duty to inform in writing that the task was conducted with the assumption of practice or special exception from this standard that must be disclosed fully in the assessment reports

If the Technical Director are required to run outside of the assessment or the standard provisions that have been agreed, Technical Director can accept or reject the work in writing the reasons remain to include and assumptions that must be agreed at the time of the assessment process

ABC COMPANY less tolerate any irregularities that occur on the Valuation (sudden schedule assessment, the document given client does not complete, the document will be Clients requested at a later) Technical Director gives approval only after reviewing the case-by-case basis. Valuation to process documentation and review documents on the end of each work to ensure that each instruction is received, the assessment process and work was done. If there are documents that are pending (not yet completed), do the coordination with the relevant manager to complete or give a note to be submitted to the Director of Engineering.
Performance Evaluation
Technical Director / officer is appointed to supervise and evaluate periodically the performance of all employees on each assignment. Evaluation can be done periodically, or can be done at random (random) to each employee and the workplace.

Valuation must consider the following factors: Data is data that must be clear, accurate and relevant; Efficiency, cost and resources in the implementation of the ABC Company project, where each marker must be clearly informed about the costs and allocation of resources per project based on an agreement between the Valuation and the Director of Marketing or Engineering. Time management in a project, where each estimator can estimate the necessary time allocation for each of the work related to the assessment. Confidentiality of data or work, essentially an assessment of each officer must be able to maintain the confidentiality of data or work that is or has been done. Objectivities the work, Assessment of each officer in addition to the principles hold objectivities each individual must also always discuss the results of work to colleagues or superiors direct Valuation to maintain the quality of the work to remain objective.
This is above factors must be calculated by the boss of each marker in the assessment process work.

The assessment
Valuation based on a proposed standard that the media has to get approval by the Director of Engineering. Time of the assessment should be done at least one day before the implementation of the inspection. To request the assessment should be conducted on the same day or at the end of the day, must get approval from the Director of Engineering. Assessment can make the process re-assessment, where the database already exists on the Client COMPANY ABC, so that the process can be done on updating the existing database on COMPANY ABC. Documents required by each marker should be at least 1 day before the inspection field. If you can not photocopy the documents have not been given or can be loaned by Client, then the work can be resumed based on the approval of the Director of Engineering.