The risks in shipping

Sea transport is a means of transportation which is vital in Indonesia, since Indonesia is an archipelago which has about 17,508 islands. These transportation facilities serving the passenger transport, trade, forest products and agriculture, mining, exports and imports.
Ship Type: The types of ships, including marine transportation functions are categorized as follows:
Passenger Ship: Ships that are designed and intended to serve the function of inter-island crossings as well as countries. Design of passenger ships is to have a high speed, navigation and safety facilities and comfort of passengers.
Types of ships involved in such a passenger ship cruises, Ferry and cruiser.
Ship Goods
Ships that are designed and intended function to transport goods between the islands and countries. Design of cargo ship is to have the hold space that can contain various types of goods and there are equipped with loading and unloading equipment.

Types of ships involved in such vessels are: General Cargo, which consists of container ships, ship Ro-Ro (roll-on roll-out), Ship Lash (Barge) and Dry Bulk Cargo Ship. Tanker Ship, Bulk Cargo Ship (bulk goods), Multipurpose ship (multi-purpose vessel).
Every business has risks of its operations, to identify any risks that may arise will be pursued properly anticipate the steps so that if something happens to the company's operational risk level is facing the most minimal level. Risk-risk that may arise in the shipping business especially cargo ships are as follows:

Risks Not Getting Content / Content Not Full

Destination sailing and diversity of content greatly affects the amount of charge that can be transported. Cargo boat that will be purchased and operational plan for transporting cement, coal, steel or other both domestically and abroad.
For inter-island shipping transport in the country and abroad at risk of not getting the goods transported in one direction of the voyage. The difference is only at the level where the risk of loss or loss of vacancies not filled in charge overseas shipping larger compared in the country, because the cost of shipping and port that is high enough.

Risk of Damage During charge Cruises

Transportation services for users of transportation of goods, means of transportation is very important in efforts to get the goods in accordance with her wishes. But the quantity and quality of goods is not necessarily in accordance with the desired order.
In these circumstances companies face trying to maintain the feasibility of the operation so that the cargo ship was not lost or damaged transportation of ship. While damage due to normal circumstances such as packaging leaks, decreasing the weight / content, torn, worn and packaging standards are not appropriate risks of the owner of the goods.

Risk of Drowning / Accidents
Sea transport has sunk risk / accident when the ship was sailing along with the load he was carrying. To overcome this risk of loss due to the speed boat will be insured with a guaranteed Risk transportation experience includes fire, explosion, ran aground, sinking, upside down and collision between ships or objects other than water.

Damage Risk
Damage to the motor boat engine components or the hull will cause the ship to be unable to operate. If this condition occurs with high frequency will certainly result in reduced revenue. The Company will continue to do maintenance and minor repairs on both boat engines, other equipment or the hull. Implementation of improvements or dock either large or small docking will be carried out according to schedule.

Economic Risks

Macroeconomic situation is very influential on business activities in general. Economic growth characterized by an increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and GDP per capita and the depreciation of the exchange rate under control that occurred before the economic crisis in mid 1997, has encouraged industrial and business activities in real sector in general on a high growth rate.
But the conditions of economic crisis that occurred in mid 1997 has led to industrial activities in general to be blocked, people's purchasing power in general declined. Entering the year 1999 until the year 2004 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) again showed an increase.
By looking at the expected economic conditions continue to improve the activities of the business world will also be running with the chain growing business also.

Competition Risk

Marine transportation business activities can not be separated from the competition on the same type of business or any other form of transportation modes. Offer a better will make the benefits of the form of services or products it offers.
For companies that continue to maintain and improve conditions of service through the provision of motor boats are always in proper operating condition so that the travel records / schedules for these ships are always good in the end can still reach the existing market opportunities.