Terminal for coal loading in South Tangerang

The government plans to build a terminal for coal loading in South Tangerang

Moody's had just raised Ba2 rating to Indonesia after the last 3 months gave a positive outlook for Indonesia. According to Moody's restoration of Indonesia's economy, prospects for healthy growth, and improvements in macroeconomic management became one of the factors supporting the increase in Indonesia's ranking. With information from Moody's is making Indonesia an increase in asset values. 5-year bond prices continued to climb Indonesia, the rupiah against the dollar also strengthened through the USD 9800. Meanwhile, the rating from S & P for Indonesia still has not changed from BB-(stable).

Government in the near future plans to build a terminal for coal loading in Kelurahan Rawamekar Jaya, Kecamatan Serpong, Tangerang City Southern (Tangsel) Banten. This area is more productive as a path and location for the coal supply to several areas in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Banten and Bekasi.

Currently masihl comparative study of local government-related development unloading terminal for coal in Serpong. The results of a study requested by the Government of the Regional Environmental Agency South Tangerang City on the analysis of environmental impacts at the construction site unloading terminal for coal in Serpong.

Development plans will run normally, after the results of environmental impact assessment study has been completed and the location was in the local government review into the field. Terminal itself planned take approximately 2 years, when planned construction beginning in 2010, may be operational in 2012.