The Location Sabang Port

Geology : Condition of Sabang Area geology in general divided to 2 sub units where among 2 the sub units of condition is very different. Condition of Sabang Town geology n general is formed by result of mount eruption have fire which consist of andesit tufa. This Rock type have structure which do not so stabilize and if given by excessive pressure hence its endurance do not so nicely. Even if given by pressure very excessive hence will quickly happened change of its land structure 

Rock Sabang town formation consist of volcanic rock for the width of 70% wide of region, sediment rock for the width of 27% and alluvial sediment 3%. In general the condition of this geologies influence its condition. Hereinafter, sea floor around Sabang Area in general form of compatible manger so that used for the port, specially big port because can call on heavy oil tanker type till 50.000 DWT .

Condition of Pulo Aceh geology influenced by bunch material Mountain of Bukit Barisan and Volcano Breuh Island rock structure. Rock constituting this area geology structure is sediment rock with horizontal coat, chalk rock, and Tertiary volcanic rock and Courtier. At this area there are some obstetrical type of mineral, among others are dig materials and copper, elementary materials of cement, zinc, and bauxite .

Climate: Climate an area with other area is not always same because many factor influencing like transversal situation and condition of the geography area. Climate is mean weather in an area for the duration of a long time (specified period). In general, climate in Sabang Area is including into tropical climate. This matter because influenced with its situation which reside around equator line

Climate elements which is often used under consideration about hidrology cycle are rainfall, temperature, wind, and dampness of air. As does climate, amount of accepted rainfall an area very influenced by meteorology factors and factors related to aqueous vapour circulation, those are: transversal situation, height, apart the source of water, wind direction, and position relative to mountain. Annual rainfall in this area range from 1000 - 2000 mm for the Pulo of Aceh and above 2000 mm for the Town of Sabang. Rainfall Level little difference between coastal region with hilly region and have mount. Pursuant to Classification Schmidt and Fergusson, its rainfall type is including B class (wet). Obtained Rainfall data from Station Meteorology and Geophysics Cot Ba'U Sabang (assumed to deputize Sabang Town) and Blang Star, Big Sub- Aceh Province (assumed to deputize Pulo Aceh) can be seen at Table Rainfall which high relative very conducive because condition of hilly Sabang Area with closeness level of plant which still is high .

Average temperature in Sabang Area is about 26 o C with maximum 31 o C and its minimum temperature 20 o C. Wind direction that happened in Sabang Town area and Pulo Aceh are difference.

Topography and Geomorphology
Dominated by hilly up to mountainous surfaces.
Coastal area generally are high, steep and deep coast
Topographycal condition of the area shall be detailed as follows; 3% lowland plain, 10% wavy plain, 35% hilly plain and 52% mountainous plain.
Average elevation is approximately 28 meters above the sea level.

Disaster Gristle Area
Condition of geology in some place, specially in this Sabang town in general less stable. This matter is enabled because its geology structure represent result of mount eruption have fire which consist of andesit tufa. This Rock type in general have the nature of unfavourable physical, which do not give prisoner in accepting pressure. Its Land structure tend to often happened change. Area which located in earthquake gristle area is between Balohan and Town Under East. Whereas in District of Pulo Acheh, there are potency the happening of landslide remember ramp storey; level which high enough. But this matter also depend on existing land type. Still, preventive effort through conservancy of protected forest remain to be needed.

Water Resource
Sabang Area, specially Sabang Town , although encircled by ocean but clean water supply to its society is felt to answer the demand. Source of water able to be exploited to come from ground water, irrigate wellspring and surface. Source of the clean water for example: Ie wellspring and some lake like Lake Aneuk Laot, Lake Swamp Seunara, Lake Swamp Kareung, Lake Swamp Peuteupen and Lake Swamp Seumusi. Lake Aneuk Laot have potency which high enough for the supply of amount of water required to Sabang town. This Matter because the lake wide of 3 km2 with capacities 7 (seven) million ton irrigate and also charge its water reach 28 litre per second. Other potency will wake up of Accumulating basin Swamp Seunara circumjacent walke between Sabang town-Simpang Iboih and Keunekai ( a parting [about/around] 3 km from Aneuk Sea lake)

Clean Water potency in Sabang Town comes from some ground water and wellspring which appear on rock gaps. In This Time PDAM Sabang town exploit estimated wellspring represent porosity from Lake Aneuk Sea . Become non taking/inhaling direct water from its lake. Very potential wellspring is in Balohan region, that is around mountain, and estimated also represent porosity from Lake Aneuk Sea . Pursuant to data known in Balohan region there are at least 4 wellspring with its debit about 25 litres/ second. While Urban Area of Sabang there are 5 wellsprings with capacities or debit 50 litres/second. Wellspring which has big enough potency is in Eye Ie. Till now this wellspring not yet been exploited in an optimal fashion and extend. Its exploiting only limited by society alongside the wellspring stream. Other Wellspring debit, like Jaboi wellspring equal to 5 litres/Lhueng Angen wellspring and second equal to 5 litres/second

Service capacities clear irrigate of PDAM about 42 litres/second. This represent merger of capacities from PDAM (about 27 litres/second) and PT. Pelindo (about 15 litres/second). But in this time newly about 30% resident served. And for that need a hard work and cooperation with government area to increase service either from its management facet and also its development. Especial constraint is level leakage of water which is high enough, that is estimated by about 41%. This matter because technical constraint and some its network have is old ommission of Dutch. Other Especial Constraint is the limited existing fund. In general the quality of its ground water very good, bargain, cleanness and is clear

Resident which is not served by PDAM or which do not become PDAM customers in general use well dig and also well drill. Mean deepness of its ground water face about 20 metres and estimated by its debit about 3 litres/second. Besides also use cistern of rain water and existing river.

At Pulo Acheh Area arrange existing water cover the source of surface water, ground water and wellspring. To the source of superficial ground water reside in at deepness 3 - 7 metres from surface of land with unfavourable condition. If evaluated from existence of river, Pulo Acheh does not meet by the existence of river, except some path coming from is hilly. This paths emit a stream of till coastal estuary. clean Water facility not yet made available, so that the quality of its water cannot be justified .

Sea Transportation
Transportation go out to sea in Sabang area represent vital communication medium remember function had by this area as Area Free Trade and Free Port. Thereby transportation go out to sea of vital importance its existence to support movement of goods and passenger from and go to this area both of the function can walk better which is on finally will push regional economics locally and also regional, even national.

Geographically, Sabang area have strategic situation in international sea transport because the island position reside in foreign ship fairway. Sabang area represent Malacca Strait gateway becoming ship trajectory from Asian port of Pacific and also Europe. Pursuant to this condition, hence Sabang area can be developed to become "Transit Port" serving requirement of mercantile marine and fieldsman which is halting-place in Port of Sabang. Potency Requirement which emerge from this activity for example : ship fuel, clean water, hotel, ship docking and requirement of other ship.

Available and vital Port facility in Sabang is dock clinch and warehouse. With existing dock development now, hence Port of Sabang can be used for its moorage of big ship entering and accommodating container ship loading and unloading activities.

Strive transportation system development go out to sea in Sabang area it is of course have to provide with analysis to broader system like regional maritime service market, service and development displace ship, and also pattern transportation of international container, beside analyze about condition of port physical as especial facilities in sea transportation. This matter is conducted to development Sabang plan as Area Free Port and also Free Trade can be done optimally.

Quickly economic growth of regional in South-East Asia, in general will affect the increasing of growth of container service and commerce. This matter cause maritime service market will have big enough development opportunity in a period of coming. Level of growth of economics in this South-East Asia can be seen from Number Growth of GDP Nations South-East Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam which means range from 2 - 5% per year. This matter hereinafter will give opportunity to growth activity [of] transshipments (displace ship) at fairway becoming especial medium of the regional commerce. development Activity of this transshipments by itself have to be supported with local economic activity development so that this activity can be exploited in an optimal fashion.
Sabang area which located in Malacca Strait entrance representing International Fairway of most crowd in the world, owning big opportunity to become development place activity of this transshipments. The International Fairway can be clear seen at map. Attendance of landed by Transshipment point in this Sabang it is of course will invite good competition with port exist in Indonesia alone like Batam and planned Natuna also as point transshipment and also from Singapore which have old develop the the activity. Particularly again, in Singapore, the activity give contribution equal to 5 % to GDP so that the state will try to maintain its role. Even in this time Singapore position gangway have as port hub for the band of West - East which pass South-East Asia.

Though have well-held Indonesian service direct to port of is target of, but in general, all big ports in Indonesia share to serve service feeder to Singapore with frequency which high enough. Besides via Singapore, in this time port of Foreland Priok and Tanjung Perak have been connected direct with Hongkong and Kaoshiung/ eelung by weekly service. Besides, even in frequency seldom, there are also service feeder among port of Belawan and Foreland Gold with Hongkong/Kaoshiung/Keelung.

Basically, Sabang even also in this time represent port feeder to Singapore. But there are two tendency expanding to relate to sea transport of container at international band.

First: more and more king sized ship which operated by is global of lines shipping as vessel mother. The condition give consequence at progressively limiting of call of port (port of halting-place) the ship those are 3 - 4 ports of just halting-place. This matter will progressively claim role of port hub.

Second: existence of global alliance from operator shipping in operation of ship in one group so that its capacities increase causing sea transport trajectory even also become to increase which then claim the existence of addition of port halting-place.

This time can be made basis for develop Port of Sabang. But if first tendency which more dominant, Sabang can take advantage of its strategic position in Malacca Strait door which every day passed by about 1.200 ships. But, first tendency goodness and or secondly, Sabang have to ready to with various facility supporting it to become competent international port and enthused to be called on by the ship.

Condition of port of Sabang alone in this time a long way off from international competent standard to become port of transshipment. Special even for the port of Sabang, its geographical condition have constraint for the development of port larger ones capable to call on ship with big DWT. For the reason, require to strive development Port of Sabang to become international port by involve port of Balohan where both functioning is equipping each other in one management. This matter is supported by geographical condition and bathymetries port of Balohan to be developed to to become port of larger ones.

In general Port facility go out to sea in Sabang and Balohan supported by some excess of its beneficial condition, like natural port which in and can call on fairish by water 50.000 Ton DWT.