Monitoring your investments in Palm Oil Plant Project

Do Monitoring your investments in Palm Oil Plant Project. In connection with the supervision of Palm Oil Plant Project, in general, the Bank is planning to use appraisers Consultants, among others is to convince the bank that the physical construction costs and expenditures made by the client is in accordance with the plan to build palm oil factory is generally done, and in accordance with plan and budget approved by the Bank.

Technical supervision of the implementation will be guided to: physical operational work plans and costs have been prepared by the client as well as comparison data owned by the Consultant. In more detail the purpose of monitoring project will be conducted by the Consultant outlined below.

To verify the investment that has been done primarily to determine the amount of own funds that have been used in investment, the fairness of the amount of funds invested, the amount of investment needed to match the factory can produce the planned capacity, as well as to assess the technical design of the plant

Examine and assess the fairness of the cost for each heading and sub heading activities.

Researching and evaluating the possibility of irregularities / deviations that arise during the development of both physical and financial, as well as providing advice and alternative suggestions to resolve the direction of these issues.

Monitor the progress of physical implementation and cost of the project and assess its effectiveness in quantitative and qualitative. Physical progress of development effectiveness and costs, assessed on the basis of the operational work plan development projects that have been prepared by the Client.

Draw conclusions on the findings of the field and give constructive suggestions to the client and the Bank.

Provide input and opinions to the Bank on the development of the project, both physically and in terms of cost.

Provide a written report to the Bank the results of monitoring the implementation of the project development described above.