Bandung one of tourism destination

We hope mid year 2009, even though the global crisis ongoing tourism sector still able to survive and develop creativity so that the tourism sector can recover quickly. The facts that have occurred since the 1997 crisis until the year 2006 in the tourism sector in the city of Bandung is as follows (so do it the fist investmet in hotel sector):

Bandung City (some times said Paris Pan Java) is one of the city which is the target destination of Indonesia, as well as foreign tourists. The attractiveness of the city of Bandung as a shopping city and rest of the city is still quite enjoyed by visitors.
Factory outlets in various areas of the city centre, including the spread of culinary tour with a taste of the menu, which shows remarkable improvement, including packaging and breakthrough entertainment business conducted in this area is increasingly diverse.
Attraction is the excellent developing normative and advertising through word of mouth, making the city of Bandung as not able to accommodate local tourists who come every Sunday.
Look the positive development of tourism in Bandung, will look at the thick end of the holiday week, especially on the weekend. Moreover, long holiday weekend (long weekend), for the days such as national holidays and religious days. From the data on each weekend, hotels in Bandung City is full, especially with the long weekend, and even tourists to stay until apartments-apartments. This shows in the tour visits the city of Bandung is very promising. 

If we see the trend going, every weekend the city of Bandung is always full of visitors, especially on the long weekend. Visitors to the city of Bandung is happy because the weather is comfortable, the food of a wide range that can be enjoyed by anyone, and that has always been this trend in Bandung mode is a city, town to shop.

Preparation of the hotel such as this case is not weird anymore. Thus already anticipated with the addition of services, especially for the guests-guests who bring the family, also giving discounts to certain packages, and other services have a city tour, sightseeing with the facilities provided by the hotel vehicle. 

Meanwhile, some hotels in the city of Bandung have started feeling the increase in the Weekday, between 10-30%, all weekend long to the hotel is always full. The occurrence of spring tourists to the city of Bandung, of not only pack the hotel also houses restaurants, fashion houses such as factory outlets visited by the tourists.

Since the crisis took place in 1997 to the present, including the tourism sector one of the very poor from the economic crisis that occurred in the country. However, the government and related institutions that do not want to wait this slackness, the government and other institutions are trying to raise and improve the performance of the sector in a way that promotes the recovery of the image of tourism destination of Indonesia. With the results of the hard work of all the parties concerned, the level of tourism have started this increase, although not like before the financial crisis.

The strategy is now in the increase of tourism in Indonesia is to build the country's image further. Beside that also the role of the government and the wider community is also very helpful with the policy of regional autonomy. So there is the potential that can be developed better. 

One interesting development potential for foreign tourists is the development of tourism sector including the provision of accommodation for the tourists. Ease-in ease of obtaining accommodation of a hotel that is able to provide the best service for both tourists and foreign tourists from the archipelago is the sale value for business hospitality. In general, the hotel has a design that reflects the typical culture of the local community in the design room and looks with traditional, modern and integrate the two. 

According Mission of the Government of Bandung City Economic regulation is fair, with one potential area of the city of Bandung is a city of tourism and this has the potential in the field of tourism has been growing among the major new trade, development and increased tourist visits in 2006 as evidenced in the number of tourists Reference around 94,000 people, domestic growth of 10-20% year. Potential tour the city of Bandung: there are 225 hotels and the average level of dwelling rooms Room 7,870; 214 Travel Services and 238 source object tourisms.

Hotel built in the urban centres is also an addition to the tourist accommodation facilities are also used by businesses and the tasks of government institutions and the private sector and other activities. Hotel development and amenities at the time this is a long term investment to anticipate business opportunities in the future to the development of various sectors of the business at this time.