It's time investment in the housing sector

At this time in Indonesia is a great time to invest in housing sector. The global crisis that is still in progress at this time, is buying or investing in the housing sector. Why?, current reference interest rate (Bank Indonesia Rate), which reached 7.75 percent so that the estimated interest rate credit for home ownership (KPR) 13% -14% and is expected to continue decreasing in 2011 with up to 10% percent.

Based on the housing property cycle, and the general election in 2009, this is a great time to build, buy or rent housing, and then release the next one year to return to the market. This is in accordance with the current property cycle in the transition towards the peak position.

So, It's time investment in the housing sector. For the investor or end user in order to keep attention to the following:

Identify the location 
You as a prospective home buyer, as end users or investors first check the location of the house. Location-location and the location, this is the principle that has been ongoing since long. Location is a major factor in selecting each property. Location that will invest in a flood, earthquake-prone, T-intersection? or less access to both?. This is important, because at the time, we will sale or rent in the back this property. The better the location, the higher the property value in the future

Identify the developers
1. Note the track record of product developers. For example, technical specifications and quality of the product must be in accordance with a promise to sell the product at the time. 

2. The house received a new suit and schedules an appointment or even not on time? 

3. Whether the developer for this, run remains consistent master plan?

4. Also check the legal status of land and building permits and other permits. Very often not in accordance with the promises that have been stated. So be careful

Check the level of housing
Level residential important, to find out who lived in the vicinity of the housing. Are we in line with the existing environment? and how we can adjust the existing environment, both live and will be sold later.

Check housing facilities 
Whether the existing facilities in accordance with the promise of the developer?. Remember that the property purchased will require reimbursement of the increased value in the future

Check the KPR interest rate from the Bank and the cost of administration and the terms of the required bank.

Finally, do not forget to discuss with you and your family or your consultant. Hopefully help