Limiting conditions and the statement Valuer assessment reports

Assessment reports submitted by the company one of the Valuer to the Bank Loan to load more or less the following: 

  • Introduction letter (letter of transmittal), load introduction, the term assessment, resume of value and approach to get the value. 
  • Statement of valuer
  • Description about the property.
  •  The factors that affect value.
  • Map of the situation, Land and Building /Lay out or the lot plan of land 
    Photographs of the property assessed.

Statement of Valuer.

In a statement Valuer, staff and experts appointed by that individual or team has been working with a professional. Approximately like this is its content: we marked under the hand of this states that: True has conducted research and examination of the properties mentioned above, we have to do on the 20xx-xx. In the limit of our ability and confidence as a scorer, we marked the hand below explain that statement in this report which is the basis of the analysis, opinions and conclusions are described in it are correct. Furthermore this report describes all conditions that affect the barrier analysis, opinions and conclusions. This report has been prepared in accordance provisions Ethics Association and the applicable approved local government and also in accordance with the provisions of international standards Professional

Limiting conditions.

Restrictions on the conditions, which is described in the general assessment process so that more focus. The an example:

  • In the scope of this assessment it is assumed the status of assets in the ownership of a valid condition and free from dispute, pure and specific agreement of the burden of debt and mortgages.

All copies of documents provided by the taskmaster, or shown to us in the assessment of this asset, we are legitimate, according to the true reality of this fact, and if in the framework of commitments, the document will be reviewed legitimacy by supporting the profession or the authorities to task .

  • The overall number of assets from the value reached in this report reflect the unity of substance on the value of all assets included in the scope of the assessment, the effort to separate one or more of the value of assets with a particular interest and will make the assessment report does not apply, except when it is considered before and assessment described in the report. 

In this assessment process is considered on the condition of assets that have been found in the observation field, but does not check the structure of the buildings or parts of assets that are not visible and not affordable as the foundation and parts of the other closed. 
Assessment report is limited to the client and only for the purpose and goals as written in the report. 

  • Rating limited effect on the assessment and opinion on the conditions, usage, and other based on the results of observation on which is written in the report. 
    In conducting the assessment that this asset, we do not check the completeness / conditions must be met fastening the withdrawal rights as collateral dependent, and therefore if this report is aimed as a basic policy of credit by banks, the banks are obliged to check and ensure the requirements these requirements-including the aspects of legality. 

Value of assets reported in the currency or Indonesia Rupiah, unless otherwise stated. 

  • Asset that is not built to use and / or contain material that is harmful and dangerous.

If no agreement previously agreed upon, PT xyz is not obliged to attend to give testimony on the legal assessment of assets before the government agencies or other judicial institutions.

  • Assessment report is not legally valid if they are not printed on paper and seal official PT. xyz and signed by the appointed company.