Customers electric meter high

Market potential, customers electric meter high enough, can be in this year (2009) requests a prepayment meter 500,000 units. Specifically this request on the island of Java in the urban areas.

Experiment the use of prepaid electricity meter has been tested and works well on the island of Java Utung (Kepulauan Seribu). Product has prepaid electricity meter can be built in Indonesia, but still experienced strong competition from the Chinese State. From the savings electricity, this product is in supporting the government. However, not many people know that need to be further socialization.
Company Pioneer ini electric meter
PT Mecoindo ideas have started loading the electric meter. This company is engaged in the electric meter with a joint venture between Schlumberger and Berca group. In 2001, Schlumberger release to the Actaris Group ownership. In its development, in April 2007 Actaris diakuisi by Itron Inc., while Berca remain partnered with PT Mecoindo. Of this company Itron has developed. Production capacity of 3.5 million units of the electric meter and 1.5 million units of water meter.

How electricity prepayment
Customers can control the use of electricity. Application more or less the same as the mobile phone using the free refill. Electricity customers who use prepaid electricity facilities, the voucher to buy the rechargeable electric counters in the "PLN", "SMS" voucher, retail stores, banks and private banks or the government.

Given the population of Indonesia very dense source of energy and electricity using coal, then the savings required the use of electricity. Thus, investment in the electric meter is adequate in supporting the government. Shall your investment in this field?