Plan visits to direct visit

I Valuation property, we must Planning/ Plan visits to direct visit. This article is a connection from or related to the “Key point to get property value”

This The process of assessment based on the sequence of instructions (sequences). Schedule can be based on the assessment scale based on the priority attention or special treatment to the client after communicated to the Marketing Division and approved by the Director of Engineering can be arranged as follows:

Priority I : Especially for clients who have the Exposure or the value of cooperation with a relatively large company or valuer will have a broad impact, such as government agencies and others. Clients also include that has not been working with the company Valuer, as related to the preparation of a database on the historical marker Company.

Priority II : Especially for clients who have a relatively small Exposure (retail is), and does not affect large. Included therein is also the Client to re-assessment, because the company still saves the Valuer database tools.

Determining the value of cooperation that will differentiate the company's work priorities are determined by the valuer agreed between the Division of Marketing and Director of Engineering.

Approach Work in process consists of four types namely: Interview; Use of Research Results from the secondary data, in the form of information from advertisements, newspapers, and other ; Visits to related institutions ; Field visits (direct observation).

Preparation of questions in interviews to be done by each evaluator before implementation is done.
Terms of persons who are a source of data in the assessment process include:
Persons can be responsible and clear opinion. Valuer must ensure that resources will be interviewed and may be clear in terms of competence and authority
Interviewed the source can be trusted and are the people who have the capacity to provide opinions about the object
Who interviewed the source in accordance with the facts, a good lay-out or photograph or other means.

Field visits are a must in the assessment process. Field visits so that can be done efficiently with basically every evaluator must obtain or find information as follows:
Benchmark data (comparative data), including technical data that are equivalent and related to the object that will be assessed more than one (1) relevant data.
Behavior of market data (market behavior), including data related to the level of market interest or object that will be assessed. Data based on the beliefs and practices, including data that is cognitive and can be emotional or superstition are the object of which will be judged.

Data based on the opinions, including opinions, or that already exist in the market or the general public related to the object that is considered
Data based on knowledge (knowledge or empirical), includes the empirical experience of each other Valuer and employees on the company object to the evaluator assessed

Visits to related institutions is conducted to obtain data to support other objects associated with the votes. Related institutions, among other villages, Local Government, City Administration and others.

Results poured in the form of an assessment report with the required documentation such as photos, location map, picture, land (lot plan), pictures of the layout (plat plan), and others. The format of reporting to the provisions of Standard Valuation.

Job Guide
Each employee in the company, mainly work-based Valuer who have agreed guidelines for internal and external. Internal guidelines can be revised at any time or periodically in accordance with the needs of internal and market, and are subject to approval at the Board of Directors.

When changes occur in an external guide, the adjustment process need to be working. This change is done by working with the Ministry of Research and Valuer throughout the entire approval of the Board of Directors.

In the required field inspection to officers appointed to carry out:
visits to the field (site visit),
data collection and
interview with the Client

The issues that must be observed during the visits to the field are: Reference (reference); the nature or location of the characters / local, if there are findings in the affect that value, age, description / explanation, use, construction of buildings, installations, facilities and infrastructure ; size and knowledgeable of the property or land and buildings.

All produce should be based on the size of the set of measurement practices, and any irregularities should be reported. Valuation is not the same as property inspections, so that the Technical Director shall seek disability or lack of careful, and specify whether the defect or deficiency must be followed up by special experts.