The valuation of environmental criteria

The valuation of environmental criteria. In some ways, we often read reports about the environmental situation.

Generally they deliver like this:The environment around the site is a mix-area (commercial, office, industrial, housing) of regional settlement that belongs to the category of urban areas. The buildings located in the vicinity of permanent buildings. Residents who live around the site generally consist of middle-upper income segments of society

From the above, the environment surrounding the property is a mixed-area. The combination of commercial and residential urban areas. This means that the environment (the property is located amid an established location with a highly competitive level of competition). It describes the property seemed expensive and prestigious. The building around it is permanent, especially after explained that. This member picture, the government was involved seriously in terms of licensing becomes imperative of every building around it.

The neighborhood includes a category quite well. This area is arranged with sufficient and street in front of the property is 6 meters wide, including in the category of fairly good, paved with asphalt. In general maintenance of the roads around this quite well maintained. Generally the width of the road between 6 meters to 20 meters hardened with asphalt and is equipped with open and closed drainage. This area is at risk of flooding and equipped with enough categories to the category of less greening”.