Tahap awal penilain properti perkebunan kelapa sawit

Penilai publik dalam melakukan penilaian perkebunan kelapa sawit disyaratkan mengetahui serta memahami sifat dan karakteristik properti dan memiliki kompetensi dalam melakukan penilaian terhadap properti perkebunan kelapa sawit.

Penyusunan laporan kesesuaian lahan itu dilakukan sebelum pengembangan perkebunan kelapa sawit dilakukan.  Hal yang perlu diketahui oleh penilai properti terhadap bibit kelapa sawit, yaitu sumber bibit; varietas bibit/kecambah tanaman kelapa sawit; sertifikat bibit/kecambah. Pembukaan Lahan; pembuatan jalan dan saluran; penyediaan bibit kelapa sawit; penanaman kelapa sawit; penanaman LCC;  pemeliharaan, pemupukan dan pencegahan dan pembasmian hama penyakit .

Tanaman kelapa sawit mulai berbunga dan membentuk buah setelah umur 3 tahun. Buah akan menjadi masak sekitar 5-6 bulan setelah penyerbukan. Tanaman kelapa sawit akan dikelompokkan menjadi TM (Tanaman Menghasilkan), jika TBS (Tandan Buah Segar) yang dihasilkan oleh tanaman kelapa sawit  memiliki berat janjang lebih dari 3 kg. Sebaliknya tanaman kelapa sawit dari sisi umur sudah   waktu menghasilkan tetapi berat janjang kurang dari 3 kg (buah pasir), maka tandan tersebut harus dibuang.

Data umum: lokasi yang meliputi wilayah, aksesibilitas, dan kondisi sosial; kondisi ekonomi yang meliputi analisis pasar, pertumbuhan dan arah perkembangan ekonomi; dan Karateristik lahan secara umum yang meliputi iklim, ketinggian dari permukaan laut, topografi, kedalaman efektif tanah, jenis, fisik dan kimia tanah, sumber air dan sistem pengairan (drainase), dan batuan di permukaan dan di dalam tanah.

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The valuation of environmental criteria

The valuation of environmental criteria. In some ways, we often read reports about the environmental situation.

Generally they deliver like this:The environment around the site is a mix-area (commercial, office, industrial, housing) of regional settlement that belongs to the category of urban areas. The buildings located in the vicinity of permanent buildings. Residents who live around the site generally consist of middle-upper income segments of society

From the above, the environment surrounding the property is a mixed-area. The combination of commercial and residential urban areas. This means that the environment (the property is located amid an established location with a highly competitive level of competition). It describes the property seemed expensive and prestigious. The building around it is permanent, especially after explained that. This member picture, the government was involved seriously in terms of licensing becomes imperative of every building around it.

The neighborhood includes a category quite well. This area is arranged with sufficient and street in front of the property is 6 meters wide, including in the category of fairly good, paved with asphalt. In general maintenance of the roads around this quite well maintained. Generally the width of the road between 6 meters to 20 meters hardened with asphalt and is equipped with open and closed drainage. This area is at risk of flooding and equipped with enough categories to the category of less greening”.

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Oulook Housing Market past 2002-2003

Remain: Housing from 2002-2003 still top market

Greater Jakarta area (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi) is a barometer of the national property market, because 65% -70% of property market capitalization was still in the greater Jakarta area. In addition to being a barometer of national economy, became the center of Greater investment from various regions, its position as the megapolitan, Center for Government, Commerce, Industry and Services to make Greater demand more.

The housing market is also no less passionate look of home sales continued to make headway. Housing needs within the Greater each year an average of 212 500 units, or about 36% of the national housing needs. Along the swift running mortgage from Private Bank and Bank of the Government, home sales in Greater Jakarta area increased by 13% in 2002. Residential locations of the most widely sold on the outskirts of Jakarta and have adequate access close to Jakarta, as in Tangerang, among others: Taman Sari Bali View, Alam Sutera, Lippo Karawaci, Poris Indah, Bumi Serpong Damai.

In the area Cibubur, Cullinan, Cibinong among others: Bogor, Asri, Bukit Sentul, Puri Sriwedari, Citra Indah, Grand Citra, Permata Depok.

Bekasi region include: Kemang Pratama, Menteng Metropolitan, Limus Pratama Regensi, Harapan Indah and others. Based on the data information of the most widely sold home is the home segment of the non RS-BTN, and private hospitals with prices ranging from Rp. 35 million s / d Rp. 150 million. While the potential market in the urban areas around 60% of the demand for housing each year or approximately 128 100 units.
Effective primary housing market in Greater Jakarta every year around + 46 116 units or approximately 40% of the potential urban market. Sufficient potential is due Greater megapolitan city which is always invaded immigrants, the rest needs about 60% filled with the rental market, and build their own contracts. Total housing sales in Greater Jakarta in 2002, was recorded at 39.564 units, or approximately + 36% of home sales nationally, an increase of 10% when compared with the year 2001 amounted to 35.8 thousand units. As the year 2003 is estimated to increase to 45 000 units, an increase of approximately14% when compared with the year 2002.

The reduced number of sales of housing units type RS / RSS in Greater Jakarta, mostly due to the developer in the greater Jakarta area of less interest to build a hospital / RSS, because the selling prices of land in the region Botabek no longer allow developers to build the RS / RSS pegged to the price increase by the Government.

Until the year 2002, most developers raised the selling price of its products, the increase in house prices occur in locations free from floods and a strategic location.

As the year 2002, about 14 houses in Greater appeared, among other things, developed the Delta Mas Mas, developed by PT Scholar Housing. Appetite Network Asia, Royal Serpong Village developed by PT. Lippo Karawaci, White Wood Residence, developed by PT. Pulo Mas Jaya & Premier Indonesia, PT Kayu Putih Indah developed. Gopuram Prima Group, Sovereign kemang developed by PT. Metro Supermarket, developed by PT Graha Enchantment Rama. Barito Lestari, Graha Nipah developed Pama Management Marketing, Castle Grisenda developed by PT. Grisenda, Blossom Residence, developed by PT. Blossom Home, Grand Poris developed by PT. Panji Graha Maju Beautiful and conformable, Esperansa developed by PT. Esperansa, Pat Mase Residence, developed by Ciputra Group, Riveria Ivory developed by PT. Summarecon Agung and PT. Appetite Network Asia.

From the types of houses supplied most of the developer to update the concept of the environment, and create new designs or new clusters to attract potential buyers.
Most developers, the middle segment of the house-top until the year 2002 relies on the availability of mortgage funds private bank, is more determined by the increasing expansion of banking in the consumer sector, especially housing.

While the subsidy funding for the year 2002, with the T-21 houses a maximum price of Rp. Botabek 22.2 million in the region, developers are likely to find the land price is still appropriate, these locations are far from urban areas, such as in the area of Bekasi, location still allows for the development of T RS-21 is a border region Cikarang and Karawang, general areas adjacent to the industrial area.

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Monitoring your investments in Palm Oil Plant Project

Do Monitoring your investments in Palm Oil Plant Project. In connection with the supervision of Palm Oil Plant Project, in general, the Bank is planning to use appraisers Consultants, among others is to convince the bank that the physical construction costs and expenditures made by the client is in accordance with the plan to build palm oil factory is generally done, and in accordance with plan and budget approved by the Bank.

Technical supervision of the implementation will be guided to: physical operational work plans and costs have been prepared by the client as well as comparison data owned by the Consultant. In more detail the purpose of monitoring project will be conducted by the Consultant outlined below.

To verify the investment that has been done primarily to determine the amount of own funds that have been used in investment, the fairness of the amount of funds invested, the amount of investment needed to match the factory can produce the planned capacity, as well as to assess the technical design of the plant

Examine and assess the fairness of the cost for each heading and sub heading activities.

Researching and evaluating the possibility of irregularities / deviations that arise during the development of both physical and financial, as well as providing advice and alternative suggestions to resolve the direction of these issues.

Monitor the progress of physical implementation and cost of the project and assess its effectiveness in quantitative and qualitative. Physical progress of development effectiveness and costs, assessed on the basis of the operational work plan development projects that have been prepared by the Client.

Draw conclusions on the findings of the field and give constructive suggestions to the client and the Bank.

Provide input and opinions to the Bank on the development of the project, both physically and in terms of cost.

Provide a written report to the Bank the results of monitoring the implementation of the project development described above.

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The Location Sabang Port

Geology : Condition of Sabang Area geology in general divided to 2 sub units where among 2 the sub units of condition is very different. Condition of Sabang Town geology n general is formed by result of mount eruption have fire which consist of andesit tufa. This Rock type have structure which do not so stabilize and if given by excessive pressure hence its endurance do not so nicely. Even if given by pressure very excessive hence will quickly happened change of its land structure 

Rock Sabang town formation consist of volcanic rock for the width of 70% wide of region, sediment rock for the width of 27% and alluvial sediment 3%. In general the condition of this geologies influence its condition. Hereinafter, sea floor around Sabang Area in general form of compatible manger so that used for the port, specially big port because can call on heavy oil tanker type till 50.000 DWT .

Condition of Pulo Aceh geology influenced by bunch material Mountain of Bukit Barisan and Volcano Breuh Island rock structure. Rock constituting this area geology structure is sediment rock with horizontal coat, chalk rock, and Tertiary volcanic rock and Courtier. At this area there are some obstetrical type of mineral, among others are dig materials and copper, elementary materials of cement, zinc, and bauxite .

Climate: Climate an area with other area is not always same because many factor influencing like transversal situation and condition of the geography area. Climate is mean weather in an area for the duration of a long time (specified period). In general, climate in Sabang Area is including into tropical climate. This matter because influenced with its situation which reside around equator line

Climate elements which is often used under consideration about hidrology cycle are rainfall, temperature, wind, and dampness of air. As does climate, amount of accepted rainfall an area very influenced by meteorology factors and factors related to aqueous vapour circulation, those are: transversal situation, height, apart the source of water, wind direction, and position relative to mountain. Annual rainfall in this area range from 1000 - 2000 mm for the Pulo of Aceh and above 2000 mm for the Town of Sabang. Rainfall Level little difference between coastal region with hilly region and have mount. Pursuant to Classification Schmidt and Fergusson, its rainfall type is including B class (wet). Obtained Rainfall data from Station Meteorology and Geophysics Cot Ba'U Sabang (assumed to deputize Sabang Town) and Blang Star, Big Sub- Aceh Province (assumed to deputize Pulo Aceh) can be seen at Table Rainfall which high relative very conducive because condition of hilly Sabang Area with closeness level of plant which still is high .

Average temperature in Sabang Area is about 26 o C with maximum 31 o C and its minimum temperature 20 o C. Wind direction that happened in Sabang Town area and Pulo Aceh are difference.

Topography and Geomorphology
Dominated by hilly up to mountainous surfaces.
Coastal area generally are high, steep and deep coast
Topographycal condition of the area shall be detailed as follows; 3% lowland plain, 10% wavy plain, 35% hilly plain and 52% mountainous plain.
Average elevation is approximately 28 meters above the sea level.

Disaster Gristle Area
Condition of geology in some place, specially in this Sabang town in general less stable. This matter is enabled because its geology structure represent result of mount eruption have fire which consist of andesit tufa. This Rock type in general have the nature of unfavourable physical, which do not give prisoner in accepting pressure. Its Land structure tend to often happened change. Area which located in earthquake gristle area is between Balohan and Town Under East. Whereas in District of Pulo Acheh, there are potency the happening of landslide remember ramp storey; level which high enough. But this matter also depend on existing land type. Still, preventive effort through conservancy of protected forest remain to be needed.

Water Resource
Sabang Area, specially Sabang Town , although encircled by ocean but clean water supply to its society is felt to answer the demand. Source of water able to be exploited to come from ground water, irrigate wellspring and surface. Source of the clean water for example: Ie wellspring and some lake like Lake Aneuk Laot, Lake Swamp Seunara, Lake Swamp Kareung, Lake Swamp Peuteupen and Lake Swamp Seumusi. Lake Aneuk Laot have potency which high enough for the supply of amount of water required to Sabang town. This Matter because the lake wide of 3 km2 with capacities 7 (seven) million ton irrigate and also charge its water reach 28 litre per second. Other potency will wake up of Accumulating basin Swamp Seunara circumjacent walke between Sabang town-Simpang Iboih and Keunekai ( a parting [about/around] 3 km from Aneuk Sea lake)

Clean Water potency in Sabang Town comes from some ground water and wellspring which appear on rock gaps. In This Time PDAM Sabang town exploit estimated wellspring represent porosity from Lake Aneuk Sea . Become non taking/inhaling direct water from its lake. Very potential wellspring is in Balohan region, that is around mountain, and estimated also represent porosity from Lake Aneuk Sea . Pursuant to data known in Balohan region there are at least 4 wellspring with its debit about 25 litres/ second. While Urban Area of Sabang there are 5 wellsprings with capacities or debit 50 litres/second. Wellspring which has big enough potency is in Eye Ie. Till now this wellspring not yet been exploited in an optimal fashion and extend. Its exploiting only limited by society alongside the wellspring stream. Other Wellspring debit, like Jaboi wellspring equal to 5 litres/Lhueng Angen wellspring and second equal to 5 litres/second

Service capacities clear irrigate of PDAM about 42 litres/second. This represent merger of capacities from PDAM (about 27 litres/second) and PT. Pelindo (about 15 litres/second). But in this time newly about 30% resident served. And for that need a hard work and cooperation with government area to increase service either from its management facet and also its development. Especial constraint is level leakage of water which is high enough, that is estimated by about 41%. This matter because technical constraint and some its network have is old ommission of Dutch. Other Especial Constraint is the limited existing fund. In general the quality of its ground water very good, bargain, cleanness and is clear

Resident which is not served by PDAM or which do not become PDAM customers in general use well dig and also well drill. Mean deepness of its ground water face about 20 metres and estimated by its debit about 3 litres/second. Besides also use cistern of rain water and existing river.

At Pulo Acheh Area arrange existing water cover the source of surface water, ground water and wellspring. To the source of superficial ground water reside in at deepness 3 - 7 metres from surface of land with unfavourable condition. If evaluated from existence of river, Pulo Acheh does not meet by the existence of river, except some path coming from is hilly. This paths emit a stream of till coastal estuary. clean Water facility not yet made available, so that the quality of its water cannot be justified .

Sea Transportation
Transportation go out to sea in Sabang area represent vital communication medium remember function had by this area as Area Free Trade and Free Port. Thereby transportation go out to sea of vital importance its existence to support movement of goods and passenger from and go to this area both of the function can walk better which is on finally will push regional economics locally and also regional, even national.

Geographically, Sabang area have strategic situation in international sea transport because the island position reside in foreign ship fairway. Sabang area represent Malacca Strait gateway becoming ship trajectory from Asian port of Pacific and also Europe. Pursuant to this condition, hence Sabang area can be developed to become "Transit Port" serving requirement of mercantile marine and fieldsman which is halting-place in Port of Sabang. Potency Requirement which emerge from this activity for example : ship fuel, clean water, hotel, ship docking and requirement of other ship.

Available and vital Port facility in Sabang is dock clinch and warehouse. With existing dock development now, hence Port of Sabang can be used for its moorage of big ship entering and accommodating container ship loading and unloading activities.

Strive transportation system development go out to sea in Sabang area it is of course have to provide with analysis to broader system like regional maritime service market, service and development displace ship, and also pattern transportation of international container, beside analyze about condition of port physical as especial facilities in sea transportation. This matter is conducted to development Sabang plan as Area Free Port and also Free Trade can be done optimally.

Quickly economic growth of regional in South-East Asia, in general will affect the increasing of growth of container service and commerce. This matter cause maritime service market will have big enough development opportunity in a period of coming. Level of growth of economics in this South-East Asia can be seen from Number Growth of GDP Nations South-East Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam which means range from 2 - 5% per year. This matter hereinafter will give opportunity to growth activity [of] transshipments (displace ship) at fairway becoming especial medium of the regional commerce. development Activity of this transshipments by itself have to be supported with local economic activity development so that this activity can be exploited in an optimal fashion.
Sabang area which located in Malacca Strait entrance representing International Fairway of most crowd in the world, owning big opportunity to become development place activity of this transshipments. The International Fairway can be clear seen at map. Attendance of landed by Transshipment point in this Sabang it is of course will invite good competition with port exist in Indonesia alone like Batam and planned Natuna also as point transshipment and also from Singapore which have old develop the the activity. Particularly again, in Singapore, the activity give contribution equal to 5 % to GDP so that the state will try to maintain its role. Even in this time Singapore position gangway have as port hub for the band of West - East which pass South-East Asia.

Though have well-held Indonesian service direct to port of is target of, but in general, all big ports in Indonesia share to serve service feeder to Singapore with frequency which high enough. Besides via Singapore, in this time port of Foreland Priok and Tanjung Perak have been connected direct with Hongkong and Kaoshiung/ eelung by weekly service. Besides, even in frequency seldom, there are also service feeder among port of Belawan and Foreland Gold with Hongkong/Kaoshiung/Keelung.

Basically, Sabang even also in this time represent port feeder to Singapore. But there are two tendency expanding to relate to sea transport of container at international band.

First: more and more king sized ship which operated by is global of lines shipping as vessel mother. The condition give consequence at progressively limiting of call of port (port of halting-place) the ship those are 3 - 4 ports of just halting-place. This matter will progressively claim role of port hub.

Second: existence of global alliance from operator shipping in operation of ship in one group so that its capacities increase causing sea transport trajectory even also become to increase which then claim the existence of addition of port halting-place.

This time can be made basis for develop Port of Sabang. But if first tendency which more dominant, Sabang can take advantage of its strategic position in Malacca Strait door which every day passed by about 1.200 ships. But, first tendency goodness and or secondly, Sabang have to ready to with various facility supporting it to become competent international port and enthused to be called on by the ship.

Condition of port of Sabang alone in this time a long way off from international competent standard to become port of transshipment. Special even for the port of Sabang, its geographical condition have constraint for the development of port larger ones capable to call on ship with big DWT. For the reason, require to strive development Port of Sabang to become international port by involve port of Balohan where both functioning is equipping each other in one management. This matter is supported by geographical condition and bathymetries port of Balohan to be developed to to become port of larger ones.

In general Port facility go out to sea in Sabang and Balohan supported by some excess of its beneficial condition, like natural port which in and can call on fairish by water 50.000 Ton DWT.

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Obstacles and Barriers of Business Oil Palm Industry

Oil Palm Industry does not escape from the various challenges. Among these are the fluctuations in prices of CPO, which is still low productivity, the ability to develop downstream industries, social conflict and environmental issues.
Lately, the demand for oil industry development is vigorous environmental friendly voiced by NGOs. For example Principle & Criteria for Sustainable currently being disseminated by the Roundtable on Sustainable on Palm Oil (RSPO).

At company level, another challenge to be faced was the threat of business failure of the oil palm agribusiness that will harm capital owners who have invested their capital in large numbers. Some factors that could cause failures include the use of fake seeds, application of technical culture is not appropriate (such as planting, maintenance, fertilizer application, crop management), errors in interpretation of land suitability classes and more.

Social factors are a problem in the oil palm agribusiness enterprise is disharmony relationship between estates, local communities and relevant agencies. This situation can create problems such as the product of looting, land occupation, the problem of land availability and licensing.
The high price of CPO 2007-2008 are expected to be difficult to get back to the CPO price trends 2009-2010. CPO prices have abnormalities in 2008 was the high liquidity of the securities outstanding during the year, so that all products, including prices of crude palm oil become a means of speculation, so that price does not reflect the real state price, which is based on supply and demand. In 2007 and 2008 the price of CPO rose 68% -100% of the average CPO price in the year 2003-2006 in Rp.3500/kg level. Meanwhile, core prices also increased by 48% to 82% when the average price for the core Rp.2065/kg years 2003-2006. Based on the projection of world crude palm oil industry in 2009 will still be an increase in the volume of demand by 6% for the whole world. So our projected price of CPO and the nucleus for 2009 will be in Rp.4800-Rp.5000/kg level.

In September 2007 the Government changed the pattern of implementation of the export tax (ET) on petroleum products as well as all derivative products such as crude palm olein, crude stearin, olein kernel oil, RBD Kernel palm olein ET progressive. With the new rules of this ET, the exporter must pay the export tax is more costly to the office of Customs and Excise, if the price of oil and petroleum products in international markets at the top. Conversely, if prices in international markets are down, then ET to pay for exporters as well. This policy is to ensure the supply of CPO (crude palm oil) in the domestic market to avoid shortages.

However, on 15 June 2009, the government raised the tax rate on CPO exports from 1.5% to 6.5%. This policy is carried out, apparently to ensure the delivery of this product in the country. I understand that, as the price of CPO in the world market soared, the industry and traders were more happy playing in the export market.

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Terminal for coal loading in South Tangerang

The government plans to build a terminal for coal loading in South Tangerang

Moody's had just raised Ba2 rating to Indonesia after the last 3 months gave a positive outlook for Indonesia. According to Moody's restoration of Indonesia's economy, prospects for healthy growth, and improvements in macroeconomic management became one of the factors supporting the increase in Indonesia's ranking. With information from Moody's is making Indonesia an increase in asset values. 5-year bond prices continued to climb Indonesia, the rupiah against the dollar also strengthened through the USD 9800. Meanwhile, the rating from S & P for Indonesia still has not changed from BB-(stable).

Government in the near future plans to build a terminal for coal loading in Kelurahan Rawamekar Jaya, Kecamatan Serpong, Tangerang City Southern (Tangsel) Banten. This area is more productive as a path and location for the coal supply to several areas in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Banten and Bekasi.

Currently masihl comparative study of local government-related development unloading terminal for coal in Serpong. The results of a study requested by the Government of the Regional Environmental Agency South Tangerang City on the analysis of environmental impacts at the construction site unloading terminal for coal in Serpong.

Development plans will run normally, after the results of environmental impact assessment study has been completed and the location was in the local government review into the field. Terminal itself planned take approximately 2 years, when planned construction beginning in 2010, may be operational in 2012.
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The risks in shipping

Sea transport is a means of transportation which is vital in Indonesia, since Indonesia is an archipelago which has about 17,508 islands. These transportation facilities serving the passenger transport, trade, forest products and agriculture, mining, exports and imports.
Ship Type: The types of ships, including marine transportation functions are categorized as follows:
Passenger Ship: Ships that are designed and intended to serve the function of inter-island crossings as well as countries. Design of passenger ships is to have a high speed, navigation and safety facilities and comfort of passengers.
Types of ships involved in such a passenger ship cruises, Ferry and cruiser.
Ship Goods
Ships that are designed and intended function to transport goods between the islands and countries. Design of cargo ship is to have the hold space that can contain various types of goods and there are equipped with loading and unloading equipment.

Types of ships involved in such vessels are: General Cargo, which consists of container ships, ship Ro-Ro (roll-on roll-out), Ship Lash (Barge) and Dry Bulk Cargo Ship. Tanker Ship, Bulk Cargo Ship (bulk goods), Multipurpose ship (multi-purpose vessel).
Every business has risks of its operations, to identify any risks that may arise will be pursued properly anticipate the steps so that if something happens to the company's operational risk level is facing the most minimal level. Risk-risk that may arise in the shipping business especially cargo ships are as follows:

Risks Not Getting Content / Content Not Full

Destination sailing and diversity of content greatly affects the amount of charge that can be transported. Cargo boat that will be purchased and operational plan for transporting cement, coal, steel or other both domestically and abroad.
For inter-island shipping transport in the country and abroad at risk of not getting the goods transported in one direction of the voyage. The difference is only at the level where the risk of loss or loss of vacancies not filled in charge overseas shipping larger compared in the country, because the cost of shipping and port that is high enough.

Risk of Damage During charge Cruises

Transportation services for users of transportation of goods, means of transportation is very important in efforts to get the goods in accordance with her wishes. But the quantity and quality of goods is not necessarily in accordance with the desired order.
In these circumstances companies face trying to maintain the feasibility of the operation so that the cargo ship was not lost or damaged transportation of ship. While damage due to normal circumstances such as packaging leaks, decreasing the weight / content, torn, worn and packaging standards are not appropriate risks of the owner of the goods.

Risk of Drowning / Accidents
Sea transport has sunk risk / accident when the ship was sailing along with the load he was carrying. To overcome this risk of loss due to the speed boat will be insured with a guaranteed Risk transportation experience includes fire, explosion, ran aground, sinking, upside down and collision between ships or objects other than water.

Damage Risk
Damage to the motor boat engine components or the hull will cause the ship to be unable to operate. If this condition occurs with high frequency will certainly result in reduced revenue. The Company will continue to do maintenance and minor repairs on both boat engines, other equipment or the hull. Implementation of improvements or dock either large or small docking will be carried out according to schedule.

Economic Risks

Macroeconomic situation is very influential on business activities in general. Economic growth characterized by an increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and GDP per capita and the depreciation of the exchange rate under control that occurred before the economic crisis in mid 1997, has encouraged industrial and business activities in real sector in general on a high growth rate.
But the conditions of economic crisis that occurred in mid 1997 has led to industrial activities in general to be blocked, people's purchasing power in general declined. Entering the year 1999 until the year 2004 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) again showed an increase.
By looking at the expected economic conditions continue to improve the activities of the business world will also be running with the chain growing business also.

Competition Risk

Marine transportation business activities can not be separated from the competition on the same type of business or any other form of transportation modes. Offer a better will make the benefits of the form of services or products it offers.
For companies that continue to maintain and improve conditions of service through the provision of motor boats are always in proper operating condition so that the travel records / schedules for these ships are always good in the end can still reach the existing market opportunities.
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Look The Property Market Cycle

Properties on the market at this time are on the fragile condition and there is a demand decline sharply due to the economic crisis in the field.
What is the cycle? The simple cycle can be said as a result of the natural instability of the market and the player’s inability to maintain stable market supply and demand. In the long period of time this does not cause problems, but in a time where the market control and loose in a short time going over-heating so that the fall of the market can not be dodged, we need to think more deeply about these cycles.

Although we realize that not a single cycle, which represents a certain property activities, but the cycle is influenced by other economic-cycle according to the position of each. We need to identify the behaviour of some important economic element in the field of property (real estate) to be able to identify market trends, which are: Inflation cycle ; Macro-cycle long-term real estate ; Macro cycle real estate short-term; Cycle of funding from banks / financial institutions; Cycle of regional development; Cycle age and ownership rights invest; Cycle popularity and taste; Cycle demand ; Supply cycle ; Cycle rental properties .

Be seen from the national, cycle property also has a more important meaning. Such as Indonesia, are very dependent on foreign funds to finance projects in large-scale properties. At the time of going "property boom", the number of loans outside the country to grow rapidly. When then decrease sharply in the market situation, the foreign borrowing can lead to a drop in the value of the currency of dollar or rupiah.

In such conditions it is very possible despite the failure of the project owner is able to overcome the problems of decline in local demand. The situation therefore is not only due to a severe rise in the property market and funding from the bank but can be spread overlooks joint-joint national economy.

Basically, the cycle has a characteristic pattern that is a simple standard:
Cycle begins on the supply and demand balance. Demand increased in line with economic growth, this growth provides opportunities for development. Marked the beginning of the competition with the low level of price increase so quickly lead to higher investment returns above the average. Attracted by the large demand and the highest good, and added supply increased again with the emergence of new suppliers, this is causing increased competition and demand equilibrate quickly. As a result of the length management license, a bank loan agreement and the development of many developers who were late to enter the market so that more can not be absorbed by demand. Demand a high cause developers to ignore the quality of the building pursuing a greater advantage, so that developers do not have any experience of follow-follow-up to the market without thinking about the long-term program. Such conditions lead to the emergence of price wars, the quality of development and decrease the profit developers. This will cause complaints from buyers and eventually eliminate the public trust. See good growth, the Bank and financial institutions compete to provide race-loans to developers so that the loss of principles circumspection, the loan becomes more important than the quality of the loan. Difficulty selling the interest burden of the greater, so the developers were forced to lower the selling price so that the loss of benefits, some developers do not even longer to return the loan.

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Investment oil palm processing factory still bright

Investment oil palm processing factory still bright. Development of oil palm processing factory in Indonesia is estimated to begin in 2001 will likely continue to increase in line with the increased consumption of CPO in the world of 2000 was 20.645 million tons and production of 19.962 million tons, and continues to increase until 2010, where the estimated world consumption of CPO will reach 29.0 million tons with production reached 28.571 million tons. Projected production of CPO in the world compared to the need to still have a large market opportunity.

Meanwhile, the demand of CPO in the country, both CPO and PKO to this generally can be met from production in the country. Based on the condition means that the market opportunities both in the country and to export up to at this time is quite good, this shows that the prospects of development with capacity 60 ton / hour palm oil processing factory until now is still quite good and the views of marketing are marketable.

By looking at the development of the area, production and potential new areas of the new oil palm plantation, as has been described previously, the opportunity for the development of oil palm plantation development and palm oil processing factory at this time to still have a future prospect, which is quite good. But this must be supported by all parties and related institutions, especially in terms of ease of funding from banks.

To support this industry sector, the Government of Indonesia still need to make special regulations, so that the CPO can be processed into the final in the country. Regulation is needed to prevent runaway CPO Indonesia to Malaysia and then exported as Malaysian products. Major competitors as Indonesia, Malaysia with its export agencies winning more votes in the CPO is able to organize because the product quality up to the state lobbying importer. Conditions like this will endanger the position of marketing in the CPO market-potential market. Malaysia can re-export of Indonesian CPO claim as their products.

Request sprout palm oil in Indonesia in 2005 reached 500 million sprouts. While the ability to shoot the production of oil palm in Indonesia superior per year up to 90 million. A large area of new oil palm plantations since 2004 caused the demand of oil palm seeds winning jump. With the supply of the shoot, large companies will experience difficulties in the procurement of oil palm shoot, so they would not need to import palm shoot from the outside.

Fluctuations in the price of CPO, companies engaged in the business sector should be able to perform the export of CPO with a minimum contract period of 6 months. This needs to be done in order to maintain the company's performance, especially when the CPO price has decreased.

With analysis of market demand the product of CPO to indicate that growth continues to increase, both at the national level and the world market, it can be concluded that:

Business development in the commodity of oil palm plantations which produce upstream CPO, have a market opportunity that is very good, because the CPO price trend, which continues to increase, in line with the increase in demand volume products. In addition to the development of fuel vegetable that can be updated, making this product the more prospective;
CPO is one of the Indonesian export commodity, the commodity is a product sold widely in the world.

CPO selling price is influenced by supply and demand conditions in the world market, both for the product itself and CPO substitution other products such as soybean oil (Soya Oil).

CPO products as competitors are other vegetable oils which is a product substitution, especially Soya Oil. In the market, this product can be said CPO is very competitive, this is a product of CPO cheapest compared to other product substitution is associated with the high level of efficiency, product CPO. Productivity of land for CPO is 3200 kg / ha, far greater than the productivity of the land for other vegetable oils.

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Jakarta City Center (JaCC) as the biggest wholesale center

To find out the condition of competitors in the vicinity of the project Tanah Abang Market Block-BB, D, C and E, the following description will be given the competition from shopping centers located around the location of the Tanah Abang market.

Tanah Abang Market Block-BA

Tanah Abang Market Block-BA located din Jalan Mas Mansyur, Tanah Abang District, Central Jakarta. Currently, Tanah Abang Market Block-BA is one of the market with the latest condition of the building blocks of the other events after the fire. After re-development, Blok A market that started operation since 1 July 2005 has changed in terms of the concept of the building, this is clearly visible in terms of interior architecture and new building is built.

Facilities that now have the addition, facilities such as worship, Bank, ATM, security system, the loading and unloading and packaging, goods and passenger lifts, escalator unit 143 which support the activities of visitors and one for floor food court which all aim to increase the comfort and security for visitors who come to shop. The kiosk was built and 8000 + stall.

In terms of products offered, Block A has a similarity in terms of the products that are sold with the product sold in blocks B, D, C and E. This is because the environment of the Tanah Abang Market segment’s on commodities such as textiles, clothing and so convection, so that it can be ascertained that the A block is one of the nearest competitor's Blocks B, D, C and E later.

Metro Tanah Abang

The location of the shopping center Metro Tanah Abang is located in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta. Place shopping center has a strata title status (selling) for the ownership and located near the Tanah Abang market, because it is only 30 m + complex with the Tanah Abang Market Block-BB, D, C and E. Access in terms of traffic, Metro Tanah Abang have roads that can still go through Jalan Wahid Hasyim, a different market compared to the Tanah Abang Blok A and the new. The achievement of visitors and circulation in the Metro is quite convenient and easy with a fairly complete. Type of kiosks that sold in the Metro is very diverse, consisting of area 3 m2, 4 m2, 6 m2, 8 m2 and 9 m2.

Metro Tanah Abang ensure that competitors can be tight for the Tanah Abang market, this is because the segmentation of this type of goods sold have similarities, such as textiles, ready-made, women's clothing, children, teenagers, etc. Jakarta City Center (JaCC) as the biggest wholesale center

Jakarta City Center (JaCC) as the biggest wholesale center

Jakarta City Center Located on Jalan Kebon Kacang is a wholesale center in Southeast Asia. So three-quarter money market Tanah Abang, Jakarta City Center berkaliber International. In addition JaCC have other advantages, namely, not merely the center of textile and garment wholesale, JaCC also contains a number of other products: products made of leather, watches, glasses, electronics, cellular phones, and drugs. In addition, JaCC is a modern business area, other than the trade center, modern, complex JaCC also filled in by office buildings, apartments, central and SME (small medium business) integrated business that is located in the heart of capital.

JaCC total area is 13, 6 hectares. Area trade center building for approximately 550,000 square meters, has seven floors with a total number of kiosks is 8000 units.

Tanah Abang area since a long time known as the trade center, is a change in line with City project (JaCC). JaCC designed as a modern business area consists of HPI centers, wholesale centers, office buildings and apartment development which is done in stages over the area 13.6 (ha). JaCC is intended to be one of the solutions of the Tanah Abang. As a multifunctional area that already has an international reputation, as this area already has a central wholesale garment and textile largest and most complete.

With a strategic location on Jalan Kebon Kacang, which is one of intravenously trade center area of Tanah Abang, wholesale center for textile products, garment accessories, and other accessibility features that are easy to reach. Means of transportation for the JaCC also very easy, because the developers provide shuttle bus back alik from Tanah Abang Market JaCC to the location comfortable for the visitors who come to City Center. Also be JaCC Trans Jakarta bus way and the train line Monorrail.

JaCC equipped with self-contained facilities, such as exhibition hall that is able to accommodate approximately 5000 people, 100 unit facility, escalator units and 2 express escalator connecting two floors at a time, a lot also eight container yard for loading and unloading of goods. JaCC this unit is equipped with 16 passengers and 8 Lift the unit lift service, and security from the danger of fire, each floor JaCC equipped with sprinkler, fire hydrant and fire shutter, Jakarta City Center is the only center that features multi drop off from the floor basis up to three floors. Land for parking at each floor with a capacity of 7.000 car parking.

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